My Grandma always grows Nasturtiums (said “Nah-stir-shums”) so I figured everyone knew what they were? I was surprised some years back to discover that many had never enjoyed this multi-use flower!


#1 It’s beautiful to look at! Simple flowers, easy to grow from seeds, that like poor soil quality.

#2 You can EAT the flowers! As a wee snack, in your salad mix, or as a garnish, these are a peppery flower that add colour to any meal.

#3 You can pickle the seed pods they put out to make Nasturtium capers.

#4 They’re DEAD easy to seed save, simply collect the dry seeds, bag, label and plant the next year. Who doesn’t like that?!

Now onto the rest of the Farm! I popped by to take some pictures a few days ago and while there was loads of amazing produce being harvested, my eye was drawn to all the seedlings making their way into the world.

It takes an inordinate amount of patience, but one day these wee ferns will be asparagus on your plate! It takes literally, YEARS from seed. Talk about waiting for your harvest!


Another one that gets started now to be harvested much later. In the fall this celariac root will show up at the market. It’s a little known, so here’s More about Celariac Root.


Last but oh so not least here is some raspberries just starting to take fruit! I can’t WAIT to taste some of these fresh beauties.



Now, unless it’s pouring rain tomorrow…

Farm Fresh at the Market this Week

+Salad Greens, Kale, Swiss Chard and Spinach. (What to do with all these Greens?!)


+Gai Lan

+Fennel Bulbs


+And limited amounts of Cucumbers and Zuchinnis! First of the season grown in the green house.

+Seahorse Sea Salt