So you’ve spread it on toast, you paired it with peanut butter. Maybe you’ve gone wild and used almond butter! The most delicious jams and marmalades, especially strawberry jam, made from Northend Farm Strawberries, are available year round in the stand!

Lest you get into a rut, here are some ways to get out of the box with one of Sally’s amazing jams;

Why not make Strawberry Shortcakes but use jam instead of fresh strawberries to make it faster to make? No need to stay with just Strawberry jam either, Blueberry jam or Blackberry jam would make a dessert fit for kings!


Make Jam Glazed Fruit TartsThese take a bit more effort but man do they look amazing!



(Photo Credit Sugar Coated Kitchen)

Use Marmalade to fill Cinnamon Buns like these from The Pioneer Woman?


(Photo Credit The Pioneer Woman)

DIY Poptarts. Enough said!

Jam Thumbprint Cookies from the Food Network


More ideas…

+Mix it into Soda Water for a flavoured drink!

+Top a Cheesecake

+Glaze Chicken or Ribs

+Stir into plain yogurt

+Add it to a cheese plate

+Top your waffles or pancakes


As you can see there are many ways besides on toast to use jam! What are your favourite ways to enjoy it?