It’s been quiet around here on the blog!

While Sally and the rest of her gang has been busy busy busy making sure seeds get planted, plants get tended, weeds get pulled and produce gets picked, put for sale or preserved, I, Kate, the writer of the blog, have been moving and setting up a new home. We bought a house and got possesion at the end of May (Hence the last blog post being the end of May…) and I’m finally getting caught up on things, like writing on this blog!

Right now the big thing we want y’all knowing, is that preserving season is upon us! If you’re wanting to freeze, can, dry or otherwise preserve this season’s bounty, now is the time to buy it at the Tuesday or Saturday Market, the Farm Stand (Open daily 10-5:30) or call/email us 250-537-4442/

What is there available you ask? Well, while I can’t promise what will be available tomorrow, or next week, I can give you a good idea of various ‘popular to preserve’ produce items we have growing! (As well as some ideas on how to preserve it!

+ Basil;

Freezing Pesto in ice cube trays via the Lemon Bowl Blog.

Freezing Basil or Other herbs in Olive oil via The Kitchn.

+Green Beans

Freezing Green Beans WITHOUT Blanching! via An Oregon Cottage

Pressure Canning Green Beans via Fresh Preserving

Pickled Green Beans via Yum Sugar


Canning your own Salsa (I would hot water bath for 15 minutes…)

Basic Canned Tomato Sauce

+Pickling Cukes

Sweet Pickled Cucumber Slices via Farmstead Cookery

Home Canned Garlic Dill Pickles via Foodie with Family


So go forth fellow Salt Spring Preservers! Fill your larders! Tis the Season!

And I hope you’re out there picking blackberries for your freezer too…