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The Past Couple Months Update {16/08/14}

It’s been quiet around here on the blog!

While Sally and the rest of her gang has been busy busy busy making sure seeds get planted, plants get tended, weeds get pulled and produce gets picked, put for sale or preserved, I, Kate, the writer of the blog, have been moving and setting up a new home. We bought a house and got possesion at the end of May (Hence the last blog post being the end of May…) and I’m finally getting caught up on things, like writing on this blog!

Right now the big thing we want y’all knowing, is that preserving season is upon us! If you’re wanting to freeze, can, dry or otherwise preserve this season’s bounty, now is the time to buy it at the Tuesday or Saturday Market, the Farm Stand (Open daily 10-5:30) or call/email us 250-537-4442/

What is there available you ask? Well, while I can’t promise what will be available tomorrow, or next week, I can give you a good idea of various ‘popular to preserve’ produce items we have growing! (As well as some ideas on how to preserve it!

+ Basil;

Freezing Pesto in ice cube trays via the Lemon Bowl Blog.

Freezing Basil or Other herbs in Olive oil via The Kitchn.

+Green Beans

Freezing Green Beans WITHOUT Blanching! via An Oregon Cottage

Pressure Canning Green Beans via Fresh Preserving

Pickled Green Beans via Yum Sugar


Canning your own Salsa (I would hot water bath for 15 minutes…)

Basic Canned Tomato Sauce

+Pickling Cukes

Sweet Pickled Cucumber Slices via Farmstead Cookery

Home Canned Garlic Dill Pickles via Foodie with Family


So go forth fellow Salt Spring Preservers! Fill your larders! Tis the Season!

And I hope you’re out there picking blackberries for your freezer too…

At the Market Saturday May 31st

Can you believe it’s the last Saturday of May already?! June is literally JUST around the corner and with it comes the Tuesday Market and Camping season! Did you know that we send the wool from our sheep to get made into sleeping bags, available in the stand?




IMG_3086You would not believe how tall the tomato plants are now…I’m 5’9″ and look at them on me!

Another exciting highlight is…



Farm Fresh at the Market this Week




+Sally’s Salad Greens and Kale

+Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)


+Assorted Baking

See you at the Market!

Saturday Market May 24th


My Grandma always grows Nasturtiums (said “Nah-stir-shums”) so I figured everyone knew what they were? I was surprised some years back to discover that many had never enjoyed this multi-use flower!


#1 It’s beautiful to look at! Simple flowers, easy to grow from seeds, that like poor soil quality.

#2 You can EAT the flowers! As a wee snack, in your salad mix, or as a garnish, these are a peppery flower that add colour to any meal.

#3 You can pickle the seed pods they put out to make Nasturtium capers.

#4 They’re DEAD easy to seed save, simply collect the dry seeds, bag, label and plant the next year. Who doesn’t like that?!

Now onto the rest of the Farm! I popped by to take some pictures a few days ago and while there was loads of amazing produce being harvested, my eye was drawn to all the seedlings making their way into the world.

It takes an inordinate amount of patience, but one day these wee ferns will be asparagus on your plate! It takes literally, YEARS from seed. Talk about waiting for your harvest!


Another one that gets started now to be harvested much later. In the fall this celariac root will show up at the market. It’s a little known, so here’s More about Celariac Root.


Last but oh so not least here is some raspberries just starting to take fruit! I can’t WAIT to taste some of these fresh beauties.



Now, unless it’s pouring rain tomorrow…

Farm Fresh at the Market this Week

+Salad Greens, Kale, Swiss Chard and Spinach. (What to do with all these Greens?!)


+Gai Lan

+Fennel Bulbs


+And limited amounts of Cucumbers and Zuchinnis! First of the season grown in the green house.

+Seahorse Sea Salt



Saturday Market May 17th

Sally’s baking up a storm, and lets hope the weather doesn’t do so as well!


Rhubarb made itself into beautiful pies, and it’s always got my heart as a bright beautiful colour to start off the growing season.


Also to note– Be careful when you fall asleep on the farm! You might just wake up with new eyebrows…

Farm Fresh at the Market this Week

+Sally’s Salad Greens

+Kale, Chard and Spinach


+Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)

+Breads including; Artisan Round loaves, Foccacia and Pesto bread!

Lets hope it changes back to sunny weather and we can all catch a few rays, and maybe see a soccer game or a sailboat go by?

See you at the Market!


Saturday Market May 10th

I’m not sure if the weather knows whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter right now, but I guess that’s May on the West Coast for you!


Farm Fresh at the Market This Week;

+Mothers Day Baskets! Hurray! We’ve put in the effort so you don’t have to, with various farm made goodies like soap and preserves with a cherry tomato plant in the middle

+Salad Greens, Kale, Chard and Spinach

+Baby Beets and Baby Carrots


+Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)

+Artisan Bread, Pesto Braids, Rhubarb Pies and Rhubarb Squares

+Blackhorse Apiary Honey

+Seahorse Salt

No idea what to do with Gai Lan? Try one of these recipes below…

Gai Lan with Oyster Sauce

Gai Lan with Shitake Stir Fried Rice

Garlic Stir Fried Gai Lan

Why not use it in place of regular broccoli on a veggie plate as a snack, in a soup, in your regular stir fries or any other place you’d use broccoli! 

Happy Market Shopping!


Meat bird chicks are doing perky in their warm brooder and I bet they’re looking forward to being bigger, the weather being steadier and getting outside to peck at some green grass!

What the Heck do I do with all these Greens?!

Depending on who you talk to, they’re either going to rave about all the uses for greens such as Swiss Chard, Kale, Arugula and Spinach, or they’re going to tell you to GET-THAT-AWAY-I-DON’T-WANT-ANYMORE.

We’re lucky to live in a climate where most months of the year many greens are available! 

It can be as simple as…


+Making a Salad

+Throwing in a Smoothie

+Chopping into a soup

+Adding it to a meat pie

+So much more!

Here’s some recipes to get your mouth watering and the recipe ideas churning!

Swiss Chard;

+Sauted Swiss Chard with Onions from Epicurious

+Swiss Chard Double Crust Pizza from Canadian Living


+Keilbasa and White Bean Soup with Kale from Reformation Acres




(Photo Credit Reformation Acres)

+How to Make Kale Smoothies You Actually Want to Eat. from the Huffington Post


+Arugula Pesto from Simply Recipes

+Roasted Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Arugula Sandwich from The Kitchn


(Photo Credit the Kitchn)


+Spinach, Bacon, Onion and Hard Boiled Egg Salad from the Pioneer Woman

+Garlic Sauteed Spinach from the Food Network

Okay…I’m hungry…how about you?!


Saturday Market May 3rd

The first market of May! How exciting! While today the weather isn’t as beautiful as it has been, it’s still warm and things are still growing.

Salad greens are now readily available in the farm stand, open 10-5:30 daily. 

As always, there is also Chicken, Lamb and Pork available by the cut, or you can order by the side for Lamb and Pork. Various preserves, Seahorse Salt and soon more produce will be in the stand.

I lucked out on a rare photo of Sally, taking care of the seedlings. I love watching her take care of what I know will be in my belly in the months to come!



And what better than a photo of the greenhouse full of tomatoes just begging, baiting us with the flowers of the fruits to come?!



Farm Fresh at the Market this Week:

+Sally’s Salad Greens

+Swiss Chard

+Spinach (Did you see the recipe I posted on the Facebook page last week?!)


+Artisan Bread

Also Wendi will have…

+Blackhorse Apiary Honey

+Seahorse Salt

See you there!


Saturday Market April 26th

Flowers are blooming and the farm is a beautiful place to see these days!


If you can’t make it out (Pork, Chicken and Lamb in the farm stand open 10-5!) come see us at the Market in Centennial Park this Saturday!

Farm Fresh at the Market this week;

+Sally’s Salad Mix

(Ideas for delicious dressings)


(Arugula Pesto Anyone from Food Network?)



+Swiss Chard


+Jerusalem Artichokes to Plant in your own Garden

(All about Growing Jerusalem Artichokes from Mother Earth News)

+Bread; Cinnamon Buns, Foccacia, Round Artisan Loaves


As well as;

+Relishes, Jams, Jellies and Syrups.

(Unusual uses for Jams and Jellies)

+Black Horse Apiary Honey and Honey Comb

+Salt Spring Sea Salt

See you there!





Saturday Market April 19th

It’s that time of week again and we’re getting ready to go to the Market!

Have you been yet? This is the third week it’s been on and we’re looking forward to seeing it get going with the easter crowds.





+Salad Greens

+Plant Starts

+Wendi’s Comb Honey

+Salt Spring Sea Salts


-Artisan Round Loaves

-Zuchinni Bread by the Slice

-Foccacia Bread

-Cinnamon Rolls

+As well as the usual preserves; Relish, Jam, Syrups and Jelly!

Also available that won’t be at the market, Pork, Lamb and Chicken at the farm stand open daily 10-5 at 2521 Northend Rd.

We look forward to seeing you at the Saturday Market in the Park and Happy Easter from All of Us at Northend Farm!

psssst! We’ve got new laying hens about to start laying and the lack of eggs will be no longer!


At the Saturday Market April 12th

Everyone around the farm is a busy bee planting, tending greenhouses, seedlings and fields. New lambs are bounding around while the new Mums enjoy a bit of grass.

As always, the farm stand is open 10am-5 pm at 2521 Northend Road and the freezers have a bounty of meat! Whole chickens (Check this out for how to cut up your own!), various cuts of Lamb and Pork, as well as jams, jellies, relishes, soap and Wendi’s Sea Salt can be found.

By the end of Market season last year, theres some serious Market burn out going on, but we’re fresh into this new season with delicious goodies and produce to be had!


This week you’ll find the following breads made by Sally;

-Zopf, a braided swiss bread

-Foccacia, delicious herbed flat bread

-Pesto Wreathes

-Regular Round Loaves

ferrets 700

While it’s just the beginning of the season, new green growth is coming and we’re able to enjoy this early garden givings;

-Sally’s Salad Greens Mix (Try one of these salad dressings)


-Swiss Chard

Also to be found…

-Preserves such as jams, jellies and relishes.

-Wendi’s Salt Spring Sea Salt, Black Horse Apiary Honey and Plant Starts!

Easters’s almost upon us, and here’s a neat recipe for Kale Cobb Salad

to use the decorated hard boiled eggs! Check it out, and don’t let the decorated eggs go to waste.

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